Jewelry Fundraisers

Are you looking for a unique fundraiser with a proven track record?

Do you want a fundraising opportunity that is original, easy and highly profitable? 

If you answered YES then you’ve come to the right place.  

One of our key areas of interest as we grow our business is to help nonprofit organizations raise money to support their work. We enjoy working with charities to help plan and launch profitable jewelry fundraisers. 

We offer some of the highest revenue shares in the industry and we are happy to work with you to develop a customized program that will fit your unique needs-- whether it be an online only fundraiser, catalog only, multimedia, trunk show or more. 

Jewelry fundraisers do well with groups who have a significant female demographic. Some types of groups who have hosted successful, profitable jewelry fundraisers include: Dance teams, volleyball team (and other girls' team sports), church groups, domestic violence organizations, PTA's and more. 

Why choose Nora Janine for your next jewelry fundraiser? 

  • Jewelry fundraisers are not only fun, they are highly profitable
  • We offer up to 50% Profit
  • Free set-up assistance and consultation with an experienced nonprofit fundraising professional.
  • Turn-key fundraiser with zero up-front investment or cash outlay
  • Perfect for holidays, Valentine's day, Mother's day---or any occasion. 
  • Variety of digital and print catalogs to choose from.
  • Free custom fundraising webpage.
  • Variety of jewelry to choose from for specialty causes and themes (i.e. school, charms, sports, awareness, and more)
  • and finally.. because we genuinely care.